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This period shows the length of the period at which a service can store and/or read certain data from your computer by using a cookie, a pixel,  an API, cookieless tracking, or other resources. 

This describes if this specific cookie , localStorage or other resource is responsible for sharing, collecting or storing direct or indirect personal data.

You can use this data to update your cookie policy, screen services that set specific cookies or contribute to our effort in creating internet transparency.  Data passport: To see this, just click on the name of the service.

This is the number of times a website requested information from cookiedatabase about this particular “cookie” used on their website.  

6 Responses

  1. I’m looking at my cookies stored, and this was created in my PC on October 23 and set to expire on November 17 of next year. So, this is just over a year. Where can I find out what sites these come from or what the CONTENT code means in human?

  2. Thank you for alerting us and for showing us your example. I have therefore changed the information to 13 months.

  3. I’ve just been on careinternational.org.uk and it looks like this cookie is set to expire in just under 13months

  4. Hi John, according to our info this cookie is being set for a maximum of 16 days. Are there examples of websites where a longer period is being used?

  5. cookie is being set for more than 1 year in some websites violating the GDPR consent expiration of 1 Year

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